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Welcome to my new Reading Zone… Deadlines and Dead Bodies… All things books and coffee…

Missives From the Blue “Reading Between Deadlines” Chair…

I finally joined the cool kids and created my own bookstagram account. I decided my “KaffeeKlatsch” reviews need to be revived and refreshed. You can still find my KaffeeKlatsch reviews in the Archives link on this page. Deep Down in The Archives

So I’ve changed things up a bit…

Deadlines and Dead Bodies

Firstly feel free to follow me on my bookstagram account here or you can find my bookstagram account (the second Instagram icon) in the social media sidebar — the small icon menu on the left.

Secondly as I did on my previous book reviews, I will be mostly reviewing books written with darker ink. You can expect my thoughts and opinions on dark psychological thrillers, twisty thrillers, horrors, paranormal, grimdark, dark fantasy and urban fantasy. But I tend to be an eclectic reader so occasionally you will see some reviews about various genres other than my favourite dark veined novels. You may even see a poetry review or three. What will remain unchanged is my pairing a book with my chosen poison: coffee. So if you’re new to my site, *welcome, pull up a chair and stay a while* and if you like books and coffee, then get comfortable. The way this works is I like to recommend the perfect caffeinated blend of poison that I would pair with my chosen current read.

Some of these books will be library loans, some will be on my bookshelf and some will be ARCs. It just depends what book/s I’m currently in the mood for.

☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️ Ratings ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️

As most of us book dragons know, Goodreads has its own 5 star rating system. I will give you my rating out of the Goodreads star system. Although we’re all locked into the Goodreads star system, in our own online spaces we get to make up our own rules. I’ve always felt limited by 5 stars especially when so many books are in that half star range… So I’m sticking to my own system…

I will be rating books out of 10 ☠️. 10 being the highest rating. However I will give a special 13 ☠️ for books that I love so much I would re-read and if I haven’t already got the book on my own bookshelf, I will buy myself a copy.

Posting Days

  • I will be posting a TBR books list each month.
  • Fridays will be my book review days on this site. I will post, at the minimum, on at least 2 Fridays every month. Some months you may get lucky and get a book review post every Friday.
  • For more reviews, follow me on my bookish instagram as I will be posting quicker reviews there.

So…come back here on Fridays for some decadently dark and delicious reads…


Tell me, what are you reading this week?

☠️☠️ Disclaimer I am not being paid for any reviews. All reviews are my personal opinions. ☠️☠️