Requiem at the Death Masquerade Ball

This is the Poem that was the first true seed for my new Secret Passion Project,

The Dark Fairytales.

The imagery in this poem was so visceral to me that the images haunted both my waking and my sleeping hours. It was the first seed for this world that I have fallen in love with and occupies most of my imagination…

Requiem At The Death Masquerade Ball

The time has come to bid adieu

Creatures remove their masks

The sirens sing a terrible requiem

The banshees shriek with unearthly delight

The werewolves howl into the night

The spirits moan with grief

Nasnus rattles his cage of bones and flesh trapped in rage and Grief

Ravens cackle and caw, taking wing bid their dark mistress Morrigan Adieu

Spirits wrathful, Spirits vengeful retreat into Van Gogh’s endless Night

She rises in fire born in Dragons’ breath, Leaving a trail of singed Masks

The fae dance a dirge as the night unmasks decay hidden in dead Delight

A keening claws at the air as the banshees sing their final Requiem

Ghostly queens, haunted kings dance to their madness in sweet Requiem

The sand walker drowns his prey in the immortal sands of Grief

Silvery sidhe spin the bewitched across the starburnt night in Delight

Spirits murdered long ago, kiss their beloved a hallowed Adieu

Samhain’s moon rises in skies of blood, the wild hunt tear away your masks

The gods cursed by pride flee into the murderous Night

Iridescent masks of silver stardust fall away revealing monsters of Night

Feasting on canapés of terror, feasting on nightmares in Hypnos’ Requiem

The blood moon rises, terrible creatures shed their faceless masks

Bones break, spines twist unmasking wolves driven mad by their Grief

Bound by their curse, madness is both their solace and Adieu

Only the forest and fog hide their bloodthirsty Delight

The forgotten gods revel in the music dancing in sinful Delight

Faceless Chaos in mask of anthracite, Nyx feared Queen of the Night

Beautiful Mesperyian cloaked in robes bloodied by those long bid Adieu

All creatures pale to the searing power of their King and Queen’s Requiem

Hades’ dark cruelty masked tonight, His lover’s torment his only Grief,

Persephone, a vision in liquid mercury, glides in his arms watched by Masks

Creatures remove their Masks

The banshees shriek with unearthly delight

The spirits moan with grief

The werewolves howl into the night

The sirens sing a terrible requiem

The time has come to bid adieu

All seekers of night and masks,

Spirits of All Hallows’ eve bid you Adieu

Those graveyards are emptied as the dead rise with delight,

to this Requiem

Forgotten is the grief,

hush as the Spirits dance you into the Night

© All Rights Reserved Kim Koning

Ssshhh… Secret Passion Project |Following Dark Story-Squirrel Trails #CampNanowrimo

So, it’s been a while since I’ve taken part in a Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) event. I had intentions of doing the official Nanowrimo in November last year but my schedule just didn’t allow for it. But this year I am taking part in Nanowrimo events. The first event, Camp Nanowrimo, starts 1 April. I have signed up. To make things even more fun, I’ve corralled my CP, Darcy, (Writing Critique Partner aka Story Sister aka Keeper of My Manuscript when I want to trash it) into joining in the writing madness with me this year. Actually we’ve decided to make the April Camp Nanowrimo (Camp Nanowrimo runs in April, July, September and Nanowrimo runs in November) an annual tradition for us. Our birthdays fall in the last week of March, they’re one day apart from each other, a few days before Camp Nanowrimo begins. So we thought it would actually be a lovely annual tradition to do the April Camp Nanowrimo together annually…

2019 April Camp Nanowrimo Project

This year I’m finally going to start drafting Book #1 of my new Secret WIP Series. I’m really excited to get started with this draft. This is a passion project. It is very different to my main WIP series The Tattooist. But it is still very much a ME project. It is deep, dark and deliciously twisted. But it is not a thriller nor is it crime. It fits into quite a few literary genres. But if I had to sum it up, it is a grimdark mythological dystopian fantasy. I did warm you, it’s not an easy story to peg into just one genre.

It is full of dark gods, monsters, creatures and humans. My main characters are all anti-heroes and villains. It is hard to tell the protagonists from the antagonists because in this story everyone is touched with a vein of darkness, only the degrees of darkness separate the characters.

I wanted to write a huge epic world-building story that just allows me to play on the page/screen. My favourite tv series, The Originals, ended its run and I wanted more of the same. I wanted to immerse myself in a world of ruthlessness and deep story threads set in a fantastical setting. In fact, my beloved Niklaus aka Klaus Mikaelson (main big bad in The Originals) and his ruthless siblings is very much an inspiration for many of my characters.

I wanted to have a project that I escape into, in breaks from rewrites/edits of The Tattooist. I had an epiphany that I work better when I am at work on two projects simultaneously. It is the way I read as well, I never have fewer than 4 books on the go simultaneously. Part of this is because I enjoy switching genres, whether it be in writing or in reading, often two or three completely different genres to match differing moods I might be in. I also find that in my writing, working on two wholly different projects set in two completely different genres feed off each other in inspiration and motivation.

This Passion Project has actually been germinating quietly for the last three years, ever since I got back from Europe. A seed was planted and I have been slowly watering it, waiting for the right time to work on it. I feel it is ready to be written now.

The working title for this series: The Dark Fairytales

That is not the real title, I’m keeping the actual title secret for now. This is a deliciously dark, decadent tale that I want to keep to myself for a while.

I’m going to blogging throughout April giving you snippets of my inspiration behind this series. So keep your eye posted for new posts.

Certain dark things are only meant to be loved in secret…..

I leave you with some visual aesthetics from my series inspiration board (it’s a private board) I’ve set up on Pinterest.

Writers: Tell me, are you taking part in Camp Nanowrimo?

Non-Writers: Tell me, what stories are you reading or watching that has you in their grip?

Camp Nanowrimo
The Originals (Netflix)
What is GrimDark?