#HolidayHop ‘s Winning Fairytale is ….

IT is the 28th of December... As promised here is the Winning Author... Thank you to all the authors who participated...I enjoyed every fairytale... But it is a contest which means there is a Winner... To find out whose re-imagined fairytale won the grand prized of a printed copy of the anthology, Tales for Canterbury...click [...]

#HolidayHop brings you Jesse Kimmel-Freeman

Today I have the pleasure of featuring a fairytale re-imagined by Jesse Kimmel-Freeman...She has re-imagined Little Red Riding Hood... Once upon a time there was a seventeen-year-old girl name Emma. Emma was loved by all but especially her grandmother. Her grandmother loved her so much she made her a fine red velvet riding cloak. She [...]

#HolidayHop Barbara Silkstone

Today I have the pleasure of Barbara Silkstone's talented words on Dragonfly Scrolls. Santa and the Super-Glue By Barbara Silkstone To:  Kit@DancingQueen.oops From: Alice@Wonderland.oops Kit, Just a short note to let you know I arrived safely in London last night. The tube of super-glue you gave me in case I break a nail came in [...]