I can sleep when I am dead…

Sleep is over-rated anyway...No seriously, before you lecture me on the importance of sleep, I rate sleep highly especially because it tends to elude me. Main reason # 1: I am an insomniac, irrefutable, incurable. Believe me I have tried everything from acupuncture to sleeping pills to sleeping herbs to lavender sachets on pillows to [...]

Writing without words…

...I know you just saw the title of this post and ???????  filled your mind... Of course you and I both know that writing defines words. Or does it? Is it words that fill your mind before you start writing? Or is your mind assailed by images, emotions,instincts, sensory stimulation? I believe that text-book writing [...]

Thursday Tips – Be an Imaginer

It's that time of week again: Thursday. Which means it must be time for Thursday Tips. This week this blog has been focused on creativity. Today's tips will be no different. How to develop your creativity? Firstly before we work on how to develop your creativity, you need to understand creativity. What the word, the [...]

Monday Mental Muscles

I have decided to create a new weekly category called Monday Mental Muscles. Mondays are a Chore for most people being a day that people want to get over as soon as possible. For traditional workers Monday is the signal that the weekend has ended and the work / school week begins. So I have [...]