I am interviewed for #SunStoppedShining Blog Tour

I am featured on Johanna K Pitcairn's "The Manicheans" Blog... Click the above  to find out what we talk about.     Related articles The Day the Sun Stopped Shining...It starts today...You have 6 days! (kimkoningink.com) What happens after The Day the Sun Stops Shining...Find out what could here! (kimkoningink.com) Full Time Writing, Charity & [...]

My visit to Rachna’s Scriptorium

A couple of weeks ago my good friend and one of my writing partners, Rachna Chhabria, asked if she could interview me on her lovely blog: Rachna's Scriptorium. Rachna and I became friends through an online writers group called Scribblerati that we both belong to. Very soon we were Facebook friends and this year we [...]

Introducing Joe Pranaitis

Introducing Joe Pranaitis. Join me as I sit down with Joe tonight. We discuss how healing can be found through the creative medium. Joe shares with us his passion for Sci-fi, in particular; the influence of Star Trek on his writing. So take a seat, make yourself comfortable, help me in welcoming Joe to the [...]

Upcoming…Watch this space

I have decided to find the genie in the lamp. He has spent enough time parading around 1001 Arabian Nights with Aladdin and company. I need him stat, as they say in the medical dramas. I find that I need the magical ability to fit 48 hours into 24 hours and that I need this [...]