Soul Wings

If writing words are the Bare Bones of me, then Poeme` is the ephemeral Soul of me Bones are formed from dust flesh out the form of my shadow Poeme` the intangible core of my being the breath of life to my shadow Without the breath divinely inspired I am but a lost thing having [...]

GoodBye February…Hello March-ing to the beat of a new drummer

march 1 |märCH|verb [ no obj. ]walk in a military manner with a regular measured tread: three companies of soldiers marched around the field.• walk or proceed quickly and with determination: without a word she marched from the room.• [ with obj. ] force (someone) to walk somewhere quickly: she gripped Rachel's arm and marched her out through the doors.• walk along public roads in an organized procession to protest about something: antigovernment protesters marched today through major cities | they planned [...]


Life is not about Resistance, Life is about Release: Life is about Releasing the Past To Embrace the Now. Life is about Releasing the Lessons To Embrace the Blessings. Life is about Releasing the Sadness To Embrace the Joy. Life is about Releasing the Hate To Embrace the Love. Life is about Releasing the Bitterness [...]

#CoffinHop | Evil has a face…

the gory details: 1) HAVE A SPOOKY FUN TIME! 2) INVITE YOUR FRIENDS AND SPREAD THE WORD! 3) THIS TOUR STARTS: Monday, October 24, 2011 at Midnight (PST) THIS TOUR ENDS: Monday, October 31, 2011 at Midnight (PST) Winners will be drawn and posted November 1, 2011 4) MEET AND MINGLE WITH THE AUTHORS! EXPERIENCE [...]