My muse is a tease

My muse has been distracting me this week. I have been teased with images of exotic locales that want to be settings in new stories. This happens to me every time I open my mind up to creating, which is what I have been doing this week. Suddenly I am teased by random pieces of [...]

I can sleep when I am dead…

Sleep is over-rated anyway...No seriously, before you lecture me on the importance of sleep, I rate sleep highly especially because it tends to elude me. Main reason # 1: I am an insomniac, irrefutable, incurable. Believe me I have tried everything from acupuncture to sleeping pills to sleeping herbs to lavender sachets on pillows to [...]

Myths & Legends & Lore

There is something magical about mythology. I have always been fascinated by Mythology. Mythology has really shaped the modern fairy tales and modern stories. One could say it is the cornerstone of fiction. I have been delving into different mythologies over the last year while doing research on my current works in progress. What I [...]

Inspire | Imagine | Illuminate

Fellow Writers' Blog Hop | Inspiration (via Gladiator's Pen) Click on the image above to visit more great blogs in the Hop or add your own and join in the fun. This month's blog hop is all about Inspiration. So here I have posted inspiration vision boards of all the essential elements in life that [...]

Time – The Expensive Commodity

Image by ToniVC via Flickr What is the most expensive commodity in today's fast paced and increasingly digital world? Gold? Currency? Land? If you answered any of the above, you would be incorrect. The most expensive and the most priceless commodity in today's world is: TIME Time is the one commodity that nobody can afford. [...]