The Gift of Truth Telling

How important is telling the truth to you? For many writers, they tell the truth about emotional subjects and difficult tales through their stories. They may change a few names around or they may base a character loosely on themselves. I believe all fiction does carry something of the writer's experience and emotional map about [...]

Warrior,Writer,Historian – Amanda Paige

Today I sit and chat with Warrior of words and keen historian: Amanda Paige. Amanda hails from Little Rock, Arkansas, USA. Amanda is part of the Face Book Warriors that was formed for NaNoWriMo 2010. I have had a fascinating interview with Amanda where we discussed the importance of history, writing, the differences between non-fiction [...]

Characters and their secrets

Have you ever had reticent characters? Many readers and some writers believe that once you have written a book and created characters it gives you an omniscient presence in your character's world. For some this may be true. In my experience though, the opposite is true: instead of being creator and puppet master, I - [...]