Drakensberg | Tryptich #NaPoWriMo

DawnLost in the mists of timeThe dragon lies sleeping,His hot breath forms cloudsHolding the fierceness that is his beauty.Dawn dances over his scalesAs his muscles ripple in harmony,Her soft light touches each hornAnd his heavy tail slides into sight.The walls of air fade into skyWhile dawn blushes in joy,Her lips curve into a smileAnticipating his [...]

Your Robes

You allowed me a touch,I stretched out my hand to grasp Your hemIn that moment I knew my weaknessI was overcome by sorrowful joyTears of forgiveness fell from my eyesAs Your embracing Love cleansed my soulThere was so little of man leftAs Your Spirit flooded the gates of mineHow do I keep hold of Your [...]


Daily I am faced with arrows of temptationMy flesh is weak and unwillingI look at my reflection in the mirrorI am filled with shame at my wickednessLord I long for Your daily washing of my soulI long for the life-giving tears to wash my sin awayDaily the world wishes to defeat my fleshBut Lord I [...]

The Depths and the Breadths, Psalm 139

The earth trembles and breaks openThunderbolts with the sound of giant cymbalsClash and echo all around meLightning flashes as the earth tears her wombThere is a rent in the soil beneath my feetI smell burnt sulphur of fear in the airMy body cries out in fear with my heart racingBut my spirit sings in triumph [...]


He was a man on the streetsCovered in nothing but filth and shameThey held their noses closedThanking God that wasn’t themEven the corpses in their graveWere offered compassion and loveThis man belonged to the undeadAnd his name was ruinedHe was a man with two feet in hellAnd a drowning mind swallowed in evilAll he saw [...]

The Servant, 33   

tired and dusty,– i have walked the streetsof despair and adversity –blinded by the storm’s drumbeatlooking for a place of resti stumble into a stable;my heart filled with unrest,my instincts that of an animal.i find straw for a bed(not aware of Him)i lay down my heavy headand the world grows strangely dim:i feel strong handsgently [...]

Tango on the Lips

At first I was attracted to the shape and form of the letters in the word, with curvy vowels anchored by strong consonants, the word that came to mind was tango, a beautiful woman held gracefully by the strong arms of her partner, Before even reading the word, my lips were softly tasting the sound [...]