My Muse

Today I spent time at my perfect place of Inspiration. Whenever I spend time here at this natural gem in creation’s jewellery mine, my mind feels cleansed and I can breathe again. It washes the week’s cobwebs from my thoughts and my soul soars as it sings.

This is my Muse.

Where is your favourite place to be inspired and refreshed?

What place makes your soul soar and sing with joy?

Atmosphere is so important to an artist of any type. Whether you are an artist of words, images or music – you often need to be recharged and re-energised to free the creative spirit within. My muse is not a person but it is a place.

Its name is Piha. It is a wild surf beach at the foot of natural rain forests on the West Coast of Auckland, New Zealand.

Tell me about your Muse…

I leave you with my day’s inspiration from my Muse…

Endless tides of Possibility under the clouds of fate and time…

© All Rights Reserved Kim Koning.