Down Twisting Rabbit Holes

DoWn TwIsTiNg RaBbIt HoLeS eVeRyThInG i CoUld NeVeR tELl YoU iS lOsT dOwN tWiStInG rAbBiT hOLeS YoU sMiLeD wItH LiPs Of BrUiSeD wAtErMeLoN YoUr WhIsPeReD wOrDs PiErCeD ThRoUgH tHe CaGe Of My HeArT sHaTtErEd PiEcEs HeLd ToGeThEr bY a SpIdErWeB oF fRaGiLe GoSsAmEr tHe PiErCeD sKiN BLeEdS sTiTcHeS CoMiNg LoOsE i StAnD oN tHe EdGe [...]

Tango on the Lips

At first I was attracted to the shape and form of the letters in the word, with curvy vowels anchored by strong consonants, the word that came to mind was tango, a beautiful woman held gracefully by the strong arms of her partner, Before even reading the word, my lips were softly tasting the sound [...]