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Christmas has come and gone but…it is not the end of presents…

Here is the lucky winning reader for my HolidayHop Challenge…

Teressa Oliver

These were her 3 wishes…

If you were Santa for a day, and instead of gifts you could grant 3 wishes…

what would be the 3 wishes you grant and why?

1) That everyone has a complaint/issue/prejudiced against a group gets to walk a mile in that persons shoe for a month. For example, the wealthy who think that a poor person is just lazy and needs to get a job, someone who is racist or homophobic gets to change color or orientation, etc.

2) Perform a social experiment. Does absolute power corrupt absolutely? The entire world will now be controlled by women. Let’s see if we can do a better job.

3) As a child, my only escape from abuse was when I escaped into the fantasy of reading. I grew up very poor and can remember always wanting a book of my own. I learned that being able to read and getting an education was my only way out of the situation. So, my final wish would be to give the entire world the gift of being able to read.

Your ebook copy of Tales for Canterbury will be winging its way to you ASAP  

#HolidayHop brings you Robyn Porter…

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Today I welcome Robyn Porter onto the blog with her version of “The Three Little Pigs”…Enjoy!

Alexandra turned her thoughts to Krystoff and Edward. They’d pushed her to come out for the night. It was the night before Christmas and she had wanted to remain indoors. Edward and Krystoff had lived a longer life than she had and said they knew that the fables of Santa Claus were fake. It didn’t matter. All of her life she had loved the idea and magic of the holiday and this year was no different. Only change this year was the addition of both men in her life. Vampires, they always thought they knew everything.

“Come on Alex, I don’t want to be late!” Krystoff yelled from her door.

Moving around the room, Alex grabbed her coat and took one last scan of the area. Her tree was up, the white lights twinkling in the dim room. Beneath the tree she had put down her small snow scene, filled with a glass pond and miniature ice skaters. She’d gotten it from her mother’s things after she’d died. It was one of the few items she still had from her old life.

A pound at the door brought her back to the present. Opening the wooden door she found Krystoff and Edward standing outside.

“Are you ready?” Krystoff asked. “I want to get to the theater before the line forms.”

“Yes, give me one minute to secure my fireplace.”

“Oh come on, nothing is going to happen.”

Alex laughed. “I love Christmas, and though I do not believe in Santa Claus, I also do not want to leave my fireplace open.”

Moving towards the grating, Alex secured the entry point with a small lock and a chant of protection. Though she knew both men considered her silly, she didn’t care. It was part of her routine and one she refused to give in to. Turning back she found both men smiling at her. She knew they had shared some kind of joke at her expense, but she just brushed it off.

“Okay, we can go.” Alex replied.

Leaving the house, they headed out toward the town. Each of their homes began to fade into the snow that was falling around them when they heard a sound echo from above. Glancing around, Alex caught site of a flicker of light high above them.

“What was that?” Edward asked.

“I have no idea.” Krystoff answered. “Whatever it was it was above us and heading back toward our houses.”

Alex got the sudden urge to go home. Looking at both men, she knew they had the same feeling. Taking off, they headed back to Edward’s house first as it was the closet. Opening the door, Edward found his home was demolished. The roof had caved in and there was straw strewed all over the room. She tried to keep her smile at bay. She remembered telling Edward when he built the house that filling the attic with straw was dangerous. Now his house was impossible to live in. Looking past the mess, Alex noticed footprints near the fireplace. They were too small to be Edwards, which meant someone else had entered the home.

“Okay, this sucks.” Edward shouted. “What could have caused this kind of damage?”

“I don’t know, but I told you not to use straw when you built this death trap.” Krystoff said. “You should have copied my house.”

“Oh yes, because wood is so much better.” Edward bit back.

“Of course…”

Another sound from outside drew their attention. Running out the door, they headed to Krystoff’s home only to find that the roof had caved in as well. Stepping across what remained of threshold, Alex found wood strewn all over the place. Moving her gaze across the area, she found the same footprints near the fireplace. Her skin shivered knowing that someone, or something, was causing all the damage. Looking at both men, she knew they were furious.

“I am going to kill whoever has done this.” Krystoff yelled.

“You are?” Edward asked. “How do you think I feel?”

“You both need to relax.” Alex began. “Right now, let’s head back to my house. If both of yours have been hit, mine will be next.”

She could still hear sounds above them, but the darkened sky made it impossible to see anything. Walking through the thick snow, she got to her house within a few minutes. As far as she could tell everything seemed normal. Opening her front door, she heard noises above her head. Sounds of tapping on the rooftop. Dropping her coat to the ground, she rushed to the fireplace and made sure it was secure. As she reached the edge of the grate, a loud sound echoed within the darkness of the brick chimney.

“Whatever it is, it’s coming down.” Krystoff shouted.

Behind her both men drew out their swords. Alex wasn’t about to let them attack what was coming down, not until she knew what it was. Waiting, she held her breath in anticipation. One, two, ten seconds passed and nothing. Just as she stood, she felt her house shake, the force enough to make her balance falter. Falling to the ground, she heard another loud thud. Glancing back towards the fireplace she found a pair of boots standing on the timber, red clad pants moving up into the darkness.

“Who is that?” Krystoff asked. “A burglar?”

Alex leaned in closer and heard a muffled grunt behind the brick wall that covered the entry to the chimney.

“If you wouldn’t mind a bit of help, I fear I’ve gotten stuck.” A voice echoed from within the darkness.

“Give me a moment.” Alex answered back. “Now, I expect you to behave as I unravel your situation.”

“I will.” The stranger replied.

A few words whispered under her breath, Alex undid the spell of protection. The chimney flume released its hold on the man, and the rest of his body came crashing down into the small confines of the fireplace. Looking out from within the dust and ash was a man with a long white beard, his red clothes covered in soot.

“My my, this has been an awful night.” Santa began. “First, I land on a house that cannot hold even one of my reindeer’s and I come crashing in. Then, I try another home, and test it first and it seems sturdy enough, but when we land the roof caves in.” Santa stood up and brushed off his clothes. “Thankfully, your house was strong enough to hold my workers, but your chimney is quite odd.”

Alex knew both men behind her were unsure as to what to think. Both of their homes had been destroyed tonight, but only because they’d chosen the cheapest materials to build them with. She had always told them to use brick and concrete. If the situation wasn’t so crazy she might laugh. Now she found they a man who none though existed standing in her living room after destroying Edward and Krystoff’s homes.

“How are you going to get my home back?” Krystoff asked. “It’s completely destroyed.”

The man moved out from the fireplace and into the open. Alex could see that he still had cuts and abrasions from his fall through both houses. She wanted to apologize for what he’d gone through, but she knew that the boys were keeping their anger barely at bay.

“I am sorry for your loss, but I’ve never come across homes that were so weak.” Santa began. “How come you used such cheap materials? Don’t you know how dangerous that is?”

Edward moved forward. “We did not expect someone to land a hundred pound sleigh on the roof. It’s not supposed to happen.”

“I think we need to have him arrested for breaking and entering.” Krystoff replied. “Call the police.”

Alex took in all three men. “Enough.” she started

“He needs to pay for this.” Krystoff said. She watched as he got closer to Santa. “You give gifts all over the world, replace our houses.”

“Ho, ho ho,” Santa chuckled. “You both were naughty this year. Guess this karma thing does work.”

Before any of them could respond the man twitched his nose and was gone before they could say another word. Alex watched as both men rushed out the door only to stop at the end of the porch. Walking out to where they stood she looked up and saw what remained of Santa and his sleigh. He was already gone on to the next house and she had a good feeling the boys wouldn’t be able to catch him even if they tried.

“Hard lesson to learn guys, but one I hope you take to heart.” Alex said as she turned back toward her home. “Come on in and out of the cold. Let’s enjoy what remains of the evening and address your homes tomorrow.”

Both men shrugged and followed her inside. As the door shut Alex swore she heard Santa’s laugh fill her house, the empty spot below her tree suddenly filled with boxes of all sizes. Santa had left all their presents in one place. At least the holiday wasn’t a total loss. She just hoped the boys had learned their lesson.

 Find Robyn Here…

website: www.rgporter.net

blog: www.rgporter.blogspot.com

Book link: When Darkness Falls: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B006KRYMM4

Thank you for that fairytale Robyn. Glad you took up the challenge. Happy HolidayHop and Merry Christmas! 🙂

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#HolidayHop brings you Jesse Kimmel-Freeman

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Today I have the pleasure of featuring a fairytale re-imagined by Jesse Kimmel-Freeman…She has re-imagined Little Red Riding Hood

Once upon a time there was a seventeen-year-old girl name Emma. Emma was loved by all but especially her grandmother. Her grandmother loved her so much she made her a fine red velvet riding cloak. She wanted to ensure that Emma was nice and warm on the long walks that the girl liked to take. Emma loved the cloak so much that she never took it off, and everyone called her “Little Red Riding Hood.”

One day her mother asked Emma to take some cookies and milk to her ill grandmother. Her mother instructed her to behave properly while she walked and once she made it to her grandmother’s. It was important to stay on the right path and to respect her elders.

And so Emma left for her grandmother’s. The walk was far and Emma knew that if she dawdled, her poor sick grandmother would have no sweet cookies to help her feel better or nice milk to soothe her throat. Emma walked quickly and kept to the path.

“Good morning, Little Red Riding Hood.” A man dressed in all red called out to her.

“Morning, Mr. Claus.” She replied.

“Where are you headed all alone?” He smiled at her with rosy cheeks.

“I’m going to see my sick grandmama.” She told him.

“What do you have in your basket?” His eyes glittered like two shiny pieces of coal.

“I’m bringing my grandmama some cookies and milk to help her feel better.” Emma smiled at Santa Claus, her straight black hair following around her hood with the sudden breeze.

“Cookies and milk you say?” He licked his lips.

“Yes, now I really must be on my way.” She walked quickly away for she knew just how far her grandmother’s was.

Now Santa Claus thought to himself, “ that girl would surely be on the nice list. Bringing treats to her ailing grandmother. I bet they are very good cookies and the milk is nice and cold… I must be very crafty if I am to get those cookies.”

So Santa walked behind Emma for a little while. When he was certain of where she was headed, he slipped passed her and went to the grandmother’s cottage. He twitched his red nose, a few stray cookie crumbs falling from his beard and up he flew onto the roof. The chimney held no fire, so down he went.

He slid out the bottom in a nice cloud of black.

“Who’s there?” The woman called out from her room.

“Do not fret, it is only Saint Nick.” His voice full of joy.

“It’s not Christmas, what are you doing in my home?” She shouted.

Santa Claus quickly looked around the room for something he could use to tie the woman up. He found a pair of nylons hanging by the fireplace- along with a pair of socks. He grabbed them both and made his way to her room.

“What are you doing?” The woman called out in distress.

“You’re on the naughty list,” was all he said as he tied the old woman up and stuffed her in the closet.

He pulled on her robe and nightcap and got in the bed.

Little Red Riding Hood knocked on her grandmother’s door. She was tired from her long walk and wanted to return home to hang out with Dominic.

“Come in, Little Red.” A gruff voiced called out.

Emma was concerned because her grandmother didn’t sound well at all. She entered the house and found it to be quite dirty and dark.

“Grandmama?” Her voice barely over a whisper.

“I’m in my room.” She heard the reply.

She inched closer to the room, feeling dread and worry.

When she walked in, her grandmother looked bloated and odd.

“Grandmama, are you alright?” She asked as she came closer to the bed.

“I’m just a little under the weather, that’s all.” The gruff voice told her.

“Oh! Grandmama,” she said, “your ears have grown- they’re quite big now.”

“All the better to hear you, my dear child,” was the reply.

“But your eyes, what big eyes you have!” She said.

“All the better to see you with, dear.”

“And your hands, they’ve become so large!”

“All the better to hug you with.”

“Oh! But, grandmama, your mouth is so big!”

“All the better to eat your delicious cookies with.”

Santa jumped from the bed and snatched the baskets of treats from the frightened girl.

“Where is my grandmother?” She demanded.

“Don’t make me put you on the naughty list too, Red.” The fat man replied.

Emma watched in horror as Santa Claus devoured the cookies and guzzled the milk. His mouth crusted in crumbles. She was disgusted with the jolly man. Then she heard a noise.

She crept to the closet and found her grandmother tied up inside. She quickly undid the knots and freed her.

“Oh, it is on Santa.” Her grandmother exited the room and came back with a heavy cast iron skillet.

“How did you…” The shocked Santa said.

“You think you can just barge into my home, eat my treats, and leave me tied up in my own closet?” Her grandmother took a swing at Santa.

“Now, now.” He chuckled at her.

“I put you on the naughty list, Mr. Claus. Go back to your pole.” She swung and connected with his head.

Down he fell in a lump of red.

“Grandmama!” Emma squealed in shock.

“Don’t you worry, Emma. Get Grandmama the shovel… I’ve some trash to bury.” The old woman said to the girl.

Santa and his cookie stealing ways never bothered anyone ever again.

Follow Jesse on her blog and her website.


Thank you for that flash piece Jesse. I have always loved the story of Red Riding Hood and I enjoyed reading your version. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Hop. 🙂


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#HolidayHop Barbara Silkstone

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Today I have the pleasure of Barbara Silkstone’s talented words on Dragonfly Scrolls.

Santa and the Super-Glue

By Barbara Silkstone

To:  Kit@DancingQueen.oops

From: Alice@Wonderland.oops


Just a short note to let you know I arrived safely in London last night. The tube of super-glue you gave me in case I break a nail came in handy. No, not for me, my Christmas-red fingertips held up nicely even in the baggage claim at Gatwick which was as rowdy as the World Cup and nowhere near as polite. You are the best nail-tech / drag queen in Miami. I miss you already.

London looks like a precious Victorian Christmas card, all lights and smiling faces. The jingle of bells is a constant over the babble of tourists from around the world. Grinning like the Cheshire Cat, I walked to Harrods from my hotel this morning, certain I’d find some lovely gifts for all my friends back in the States. I promise NOT to bring home any English gentlemen for myself, no matter how much they look like John Cleese, but perhaps you’d like a Colin Firth look-a-like?

You are not going to believe what happened when I got to Harrods. I followed signs that offered a free gift to ladies who visited Santa in Ladies Lingerie. No, silly. He wasn’t wearing it. I stood in the queue waiting to sit on the skinny Santa’s lap. There was something familiar about his cockney accent. Just as it was my turn, which I can’t believe I even considered, Santa’s left ear popped out from his head. He yelped and pressed the ear to his white-wigged noggin. As the ladies in the queue gasped, his right ear jutted loose.

Remember that creep who testified against me in my trial? The one who committed perjury for theme park tickets? The guy whose ears swung away from his head like two open doors on a taxi when his super-glue gave way while he lied on the witness stand? Algy Green? He was the creepy Santa Claus! He didn’t recognize me but I sure recognized him behind his fake Santa beard.

Revenge is best served cold. I had a delicious bowl of Payback when the Algy – Santa squeaked “Super glue? Anyone got any?” I reached in my purse, took out my tube and pushed his head back. The bozo thought I was helping. Quick as a reindeer on a roof, I spritzed the glue over his lips and pushed his beard into place. I held it for a minute as I pretended to fuss with his Dumbo ears. He’ll be picking white cotton off his face until August. 

All in all my London shopping trip has been a jolly time filled with satisfaction and holiday cheer. Thanks to your super-glue it’s already been the best Christmas ever. See you on the 24th.




Alice Harte is the heroine of best selling ebook:

The Secret Diary of Alice in Wonderland, Age 42 and Three-Quarters

Algy Green is one of the many villains who challenge her in this comedy mystery.

Available on Amazon Kindle:


Barbara Silkstone is the best-selling author of The Secret Diary of Alice in Wonderland, Age 42 and Three-Quarters  ~  Wendy and the Lost Boys  ~  London Broil ~ The Adventures of a Love Investigator, 527 Naked Men and One Woman.

Silkstone’s writing has been described as “perfectly paced and pitched – shades of Janet Evanovich and Carl Hiaasen without seeming remotely derivative. Fast moving action that shoots from the hip with bullet-proof characterization.”

Wendy and the Lost Boys topped the charts in comedy, climbing over Tina Fey, Sophie Kinsella and Ellen DeGeneres. The Secret Diary of Alice in Wonderland, Age 42 and Three-Quarters has been a consistent best seller in comedy. Both Wendy and Alice have been in the top 20 Amazon comedies at the same time. Silkstone has been fortunate enough to take part in writing workshops with Stephen King, Robert B. Parker, and James Michener.

Barbara loves to hear from her readers. Her blog site is:


Barbara Silkstone’s Books

The Secret Diary of Alice in Wonderland, Age 42 and Three-Quarters
Wendy and the Lost Boys
London Broil
The Adventures of a Love Investigator, 527 Naked Men and One Woman
Barb’s Wire-eBooks & More
A Moose Walked into a Bar
Thank you Barbara for that wonderful flash fiction. Alice’s adventures sound fantastic… It was a pleasure having you on Dragonfly Scrolls. Happy HolidayHop and Merry Christmas!

 Remember, Readers there is a contest going on this blog for the HolidayHop. Read all the rules and take up the challenge here There are fantastic prizes, just here on this blog you can win an ebook copy of an amazing collection of short stories plus you go into the grand HolidayHop prize draw for the Kindle Touch.Don’t forget to hop to the other bloggers this holiday season and let the festive spirit infect you! 

#Creepfest ‘s host Rebecca Treadway is “Not so nice”

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It’s the 14th and you opened that creaking door!

Day 2 of #12DaysCreepfest

It’s Day 2 of 12 Decadent Days of Creepfest.

Today, in honour of the start of Creepfest, I have the pleasure of hosting

the Creepfest Host herself…none other than the wicked talents

of RL Treadway

This woman has mega talent as both an artist, author, blogger and social network guru.

So without further ado, I will give the space over to Rebecca.


#Creepfest Guest Author’s Flash Fiction Challenge

1.) Re-imagine Santa’s visit to drop off gifts by putting a #Creepfest spin
on it. Max words: 200

Not So Nice

By RL.Treadway

“Who’s next on the list?”
“Tracy Hoffman.”
Santa eyeballed the palatial living room of spoiled Tracy Hoffman and
snorted.  “What could this rich kid possibly want from me this year?”
“Apparently a rare and I quote “Seventies Super Barbie”.
“Naughty or Nice?”
“Naughty.  Mom and Dad “forgot” to donate to the homeless shelter this year and Tracy said “More for me!”
“You don’t say?”  Santa put a hand on his hip and lay a finger to the side of his nose.
He set an elegant box beneath the tree with the clear plastic front forming a cathedral window around Seventies Super Barbie.  With a wink, the collectible transformed into a tired doll with grey hair, sagging breasts,
dropping eyes, and varicose veins marring spindly legs.
“I’ve seen real women that age in better shape.”  The Elf chortled.
Santa scratched the wall of the master living room, peeling away embroidered, imported wallpaper, sniffed the wall and satisfied – punched a hole in it.
The Elf plugged his nose at the odor of decay overwhelming the scent of pine.
“Oh lookie here, toxic mold.” Santa tossed his moldy glove into the fireplace, then snatched a cookie.
“Want one?”
“Thanks, Santa!”


2.) On Santa’s list this year, would you be naughty or nice? Tell me three ways you got onto either the naughty or the nice list.

Rebecca: I’m on the nice list.

I refrained from beating up anyone who hassled me while I took a walk.
I held my tongue, which if you knew me – is rather difficult at times, when people turned unpleasant.
I helped out some street people a time or two with either money or food, or just talking to them like the people they are.

3.) Who is your favourite villain in a classic fairy-tale and why?

Rebecca: The wicked faerie in Sleeping Beauty.  Being overlooked like that was really mean and that was a wicked vendetta she slapped on their heads.  In the Disney version? I want Maleficent’s wardrobe and the ability to shape-shift into a Dragon!

4.) If you were a character in “The Christmas Carol”…who would you be and why?

Rebecca: The Ghost of Christmas yet to come.  I tend to be the one in the family reminding people they’re acting like jerks and a “look what’s going to happen to you” if you don’t shape up. :p Probably because I say it to myself all the time.

5.) What gift would you leave under the tree if you were the Christmas Grinch?

Rebecca: The wrapping would be gold foil with a red velvet ribbon. Said gift shall be filled with dust-ridden feline furballs and shredded toilet paper.

So more about me…

I don’t have a novel available just yet.  Here’s the blurb. (I hate these so I went snarky!)


Aside from working on a dark fantasy novel series coming in Spring 2012, Rebecca’s first venture into e-publishing was a testing of the waters.  At  Amazon you will find collections of anxiety ridden and angry poetry written in her early to late twenties, the result is the critically acclaimed with 4 and 5 stars  – by three people – Grotesque Mind Circus. Shortly thereafter, inspired by arguments overheard by her ghetto neighbors – she wrote a freestyle “poem” called The Little Book of F**k You with a soon to be re-released cover make-over.  It’s sequel, the Little Book of F**k You, too!  is in the first draft since the neighbors were evicted.  She’s the Art Director for the
small press publisher Angelic Knight Press and keeps company with snarky intellectuals.
She’s inspired by Michael Moorcock, Robert Howard, and Hong Kong Cinema.

RL Treadway ~ #Creepfest is her brainchild

Here’s the links to the two poems in question and my Author page.




Thanks, Kim!



Thanks Rebecca…Great post and I had to love Santa’s evil payback on a spoilt brat 😀 Thank you too for taking the time to guest on my blog…I know how busy you are. And if I were Santa’s elf, you would definitely be on the NICE list. Happy Creepfest!

So just a reminder…Rebecca’s flash fiction “Not so Nice” is the first entry into the Creepfest Challenge…Let me know what you think of it and check back here tomorrow for the second offering as you are going to help pick the winning Creepfest author at the end of the tour. Please let me know, in your comment below, how you rate this first story, in the challenge, by the wickedly, talented Rebecca Treadway out of 5 stars (5 = Brilliant). 


Now…What you readers have been waiting for?

The Reader Challenge

~13/12 – 23/12~

I am going to ask you a question and you are going to answer it in the comments. Only 1 entry per person is allowed. However, to be eligible you need to:

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So drumroll…Here is the question challenge.

Question: The Ghost of Creepmas (Creepfest’s Christmas) Past is making a house call and this week he is visiting your house. He takes you back through time to your worst Christmas Nightmare. (This can be real or imagined.) Tell me about it in 200 words (max).

I will choose a winner and a runner-up on the 24th. 

The winner will win an ebook copy of Tales for Canterbury + $10 Amazon voucher

The runner-up will win a $10 Amazon voucher.

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