Birthday Month #BirthdayBehaviour

So... This month is my birthday month. It's a milestone birthday. Which means.... Milestone surprises. And I'm already being spoilt... This beautiful early birthday gift arrived. I have desperately needed to upgrade my 10-year old Mac Pro and at the top of my wish list was this sexy rose gold MacBook (2017). I've been dreaming [...]

Writing on the Go

Three things I love and use every day: My iPad Mini Scrivener  Stationery (Especially the delicious lure of NEW stationery) In this post I get to combine all three of some of my favourite things. Writing Essentials: iPad mini/Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard + Macbook + Scrivener/iOS + Paper Notebooks (Nanami Seven Seas Crossgrid + Moleskine + [...]

The hot fresh smell of Home-Made Bread…

© Photographer Anatoliy Babiychuk | Agency: Mmmmh...There is nothing like the smell of hot, home-made bread, fresh from the oven. I wish the internet/WordPress could figure out how to embed scents into blog posts but since I know you have a great imagination...Close your eyes and picture/smell bread fresh out of the oven. Bread [...]