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My Contest – Prize Time

My next WIP is a psychological thriller and it involves psychological twists and a cold-blooded killer. This killer curdles my blood. Already the killer haunts my dreams. But the worst thing about this character is that I am struggling to name him. He does have a moniker that he will be known by in the story but he does need a name.

Let me tell you a little bit about him. He is a psychopath. He is exceptionally cruel and sadistic. He is also a perfectionist who never leaves any trace of himself at the crime scene. He is fastidiously clean, almost surgically I would say. He preys on people that he feels are “fallen”. He is incredibly alluring and seductive. He is hard to say “no” to. By the time his victims realise he is the final person they will see, it is too late and they are taken by surprise. This man could be anyone. He might be your friend, your brother, your father, your lover, your husband or your colleague. He stalks you like a silent lioness. Do you know his name?

Well, after 19 entrants with 22 entries, I have managed to nail it down. The task was not easy. There were so many names that would have worked but when this name was mentioned it sparked. However, what I had kept to myself is that my killer does not just have one identity…He changes identities as part of his ritual without giving too much away which means I have 1 ultimate winner who wins the 3 ebooks but I also have 2 runner-ups who will also each be getting an ebook. On top of that all 3 names will be used by the killer in my WIP.

Rolling the drums…

Crashing the Cymbals….

The ultimate winner of the Prize for “Name my Master of Darkness in Murder” is…..

Penelope Crowe with the name of: Michael Dali

Michael (inspired by the Archangel Michael

Dali (inspired by the mad genius of Salvador Dali)…

Congratulations Penelope!

Your synapse must have fused with mine because I had actually been toying with the name of Dali initially. Salvador Dali is also my favourite surrealist artist. I also love the inspiration of naming after Michael the Archangel.

The two runners up are:

Carole Gill with the name of: Christian Delacourt

Ash Krafton with the name of: Grayden Slate

Congratulations Carole and Ash! 


All the entrants had such great name suggestions that I have literally been thinking over this all week. In the end I had to choose these 3 as my favourite names.

I will be emailing each of you with details of your prizes. So if you have not received an email from me by Monday, please email me because then something has gone wrong with the email.

Thank you so much to each and every entrant. All of your entries were inspired. The hop was a huge success and a huge amount of FUN. I love the chance to get to meet authors of like mind and be so inspired by a week long of amazing posts. I was lucky enough to win 4 contests myself and the books won in these were the cherry on top of a delicious week of blogging ice-cream dripping in hot chocolate sauce filled with the spice of fear and suspense.

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Muscle Memory or MC Memory … that is the question..

Dali Clock The Persistance of Memory

Well this week, I have been inspired by Salvador Dali and his paintings. He declared himself a genius and I would have to agree. The man had a gift for tapping into the sub-conscious and dreaming states.

surrealism |səˈrēəˌlizəm|


a 20th-century avant-garde movement in art and literature that sought to release the creative potential of the unconscious mind, for example by the irrational juxtaposition of images.Launched in 1924 by a manifesto of André Breton and having a strong political content, the movement grew out of symbolism and Dada and was strongly influenced by Sigmund Freud. In the visual arts its most notable exponents were André Masson, Jean Arp, Joan Miró, René Magritte, Salvador Dali, Max Ernst, Man Ray

Salvador Dali is perhaps the most recognised and famous of the surrealist artists of the early 20th century. He produced over 1500 paintings in his lifetime. The most famous of these paintings was titled: The Persistance of Memory. In it the most recognisable feature is melting clocks. There have been many interpretations of the inspiration behind this painting. The most accepted inspiration was Einstein’s theory that time is relative and not fixed. This theory fits in perfectly with the surrealistic movement. Legend goes that he was inspired by watching melting camembert cheese.

If you have not seen the painting, The Persistance of Memory, google it or better yet go the Museum of Modern Art in New York City and view it. It is truly a fascinating painting. This painting is one of my favourite paintings. Whenever I look at it I find something new in it to inspire me.

So for this week’s Monday Mental Muscles I am going to get you to exercise the muscle of memory. Memory is something that forms who you are. You  learn from past mistakes. You remember circumstances that make you happy. You remember the sound of a voice of someone you love. Memory has the rare ability to allow us to travel through time and space for a moment. Memory and Dreams are connected. Our dreams are rooted in our memories of the day’s happenings or memories that haunt us. In the same way story telling uses our power of memory recall to flesh out our characters and to make a story livable and believable. Memory is intangible. Memory is fluid. Memory is changeable. Memory is subjective to the emotions we have at the root of a specific memory. So using the inspiration of The Persistance of Memory where time is relative and unfixed along with the fluidity and unpredictability of human memory I have come up with some writing exercises for you this week.

Of course the rules again: are that you do at least one of these writing exercises this week; that if you blog about them, link back to this blog; and lastly but not leastly that you feel free to pay it forward by passing on these exercises to other people.

  1. Write an essay of a childhood memory but focus on the emotions that you felt as a child at that time.
  2. Write down a memory of your main character and how that memory has affected their personality.
  3. Write down the first memory you can ever remember and then close your eyes and imagine yourself back in that moment.

Happy trails down memory lane…

© All rights reserved Kim Koning.