Lucky 7 Meme & Kreativ Blogger Award

Today is catch-up day or catch a ride on a dog day ala` Garfield! 🙂 I have been tagged 5 times in the last few months in a blog meme. My latest nomination was from my good friend, Patti Larsen. The other people who nominated me are: Melissa Pearl, Jonathan D. Allen, K.S.Bowers and Velvet Skies. Check [...]

Sneak Peek…Tease…Unzip…

You met my Amazing Cover Artiste, Silviya Yordanova (@Morteque on, in my last post: Cover Lust So.... As promised.... I promised you a first sneak peek teaser unzipping of my new cover art for my WIP... Designed by Silviya Yordanova. Ta-da....Here it is...Hold your breath....It's juicy.... Ring a Ring o' Roses   A Paranormal [...]