Winter, Wolves, Words

I have been dreaming of wolves for the last year or so. My dreams are always vivid. I also have many lucid dreams; dreams where I can control the dream and even where I can re-enter a dream days after having it. All of my stories have come from dreams. Vivid dreams that wake me [...]

Tango on the Lips

At first I was attracted to the shape and form of the letters in the word, with curvy vowels anchored by strong consonants, the word that came to mind was tango, a beautiful woman held gracefully by the strong arms of her partner, Before even reading the word, my lips were softly tasting the sound [...]

The Pen

I saw words in the ink I wrote until the spiderweb tore I wrote until their bloody cage broke I wrote until their blood flowed I wrote until I set them free I wrote until their story breathed © All Rights Reserved Kim Koning.

Skin | Blood & Ink

Imagine being one small part, a word, of a story...Now imagine your skin being part of a global story. This is what SKIN is. ...while thinking about how much I liked forms that reflected their content, I thought of my unfinished story "Skin," and suddenly it suddenly occurred to me that there is a kind [...]

Soul Wings

If writing words are the Bare Bones of me, then Poeme` is the ephemeral Soul of me Bones are formed from dust flesh out the form of my shadow Poeme` the intangible core of my being the breath of life to my shadow Without the breath divinely inspired I am but a lost thing having [...]