Upcoming…Watch this space

I have decided to find the genie in the lamp. He has spent enough time parading around 1001 Arabian Nights with Aladdin and company. I need him stat, as they say in the medical dramas. I find that I need the magical ability to fit 48 hours into 24 hours and that I need this [...]

A natter with Nicky Schmidt

Warrior Wednesday Interview Nicky Schmidt I have been very excited to have this particular writer in my studio for a good ol' natter. One of the reasons is that I have been following her interviews on her blog where she interviews writers on writing exceptionally well. So it was a real treat to put the [...]

Warrior Wednesday Drum Roll

Announcing my 3rd interview in the new series: Warrior Wednesdays. This evening I will be posting the successful interview I had with YA and Children's author Dee White. This is one not to be missed. I met Dee through Word Warriors - the online FB group started for NaNoWriMo20101 - and Scribblerati - the writing [...]