CoffinHop 14 Coming This Halloween…. | #CoffinHop

The CoffinHop is coming for you in 7 days... Wander down to the CoffinHop Boneyard... The Penultimate Annual Horror Event 24th Oct - 31st Oct 60 Horror Authors/Artists/Poets 8 days of Fearsome Fun 8 days of Generous giveaways/sweepstakes/contests Terrifying tales, Petrifying Poetry, Spine-tingling stories, Freakish Flash Fiction, Heart-Racing Horror... Join the Hop and support your [...]

The anticipation…the drama…the horror!

Are you Coffin Hopping?
Like being scared?
Like thrills and chills that send shivers down your spine?

Then there is only one place to be in the last week of October and that is on:
The CoffinHop

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Will there be tricks or will there be treats?

Only way to find out is to follow The CoffinHop!
Come CoffinHopping with me!

Marie Loughin's "I WANNA BE . . ."

Ah, October, when leaves fall and trees reach their bony fingers to the sky, when I think of Snoopy and the Red Baron and candy sorted into little piles on my bedroom floor.

How sad to be all grown up, denied the races across darkened lawns. Nevermore to shriek in delighted terror when Freddy or Jason or Frankenstein pops from the neighbor’s bushes.

But wait! There’s still a way for us all-grown-uppers to share in Halloween thrills. It’s Coffin Hopping we will go. Trick-or-treating at digital doors, where writers of horror will open their bags of goodies to share with those who dare to stop by.

And don’t be afraid to stop back for seconds…or thirds…or even sevenths. In our neighborhood, Halloween lasts seven days.

The fun starts tomorrow (October 24) and continues through Halloween. I’ll be posting several times during the next week with Halloween thoughts, reviews, and possibly some new…

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