Duck on a walking mission | Flickr – Photo Sharing!


Day 6 ( Project 365/2011) Duck on a walking mission


Duck on a walking mission | Flickr – Photo Sharing!.

This is my image for today. I did not go looking for this image. Instead I was walking home from the gym. I had my camera with me but did not expect to see anything worthy of being captured. Until I came across a group of ducks gathered in a backyard of a house. They all seemed to be just waiting there. Now these were not tame ducks. They were wild ducks. I expected them to fly away. Instead they all started walking towards me. I knew the moment was rare and might not present itself again, so I slowly took my camera out – trying not to make any sudden moves – and started taking pictures. I took about 20. All the time the ducks stayed close to me. One actually came right up to me and tried to see what I had in my hand. This is the one that I captured for today’s image.

I have been doing this photography challenge for a week now. The aim is to take at least one photo every day. So far I have succeeded, except for yesterday when instead I posted an image that is on my vision board. Have I gone out hunting down the perfect image. To be honest, no I have not. I do take my camera with me everywhere now and wait for an opportunity to present itself. But sometimes the impossible happens and life hands you a rare moment of beauty. Today was such a day.

It led me to wondering how often we go about our lives looking for the perfect story, the perfect title, the perfect characters, the perfect plot. We seem to find nothing. Maybe the problem is not the lack of ideas or opportunities but rather the problem is that we are so busy looking ahead and elsewhere that life does not have a moment to grab our eye.

My Zen lesson of the day is that maybe you should go about your normal every day life without constantly seeking. The perfect creative moment may be waiting for you to pause in your looking to make itself known to you. It is these rare moments that truly capture you and inspire you.

So this week, I encourage you to not be in such a hurry to rush after creative thought. Maybe take a moment and pause, then look around. You may be surprised what image presents itself for you.

Don’t run around looking for a lighter to light the fires of creativity when life is already waiting with a box of matches.

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Have a creative day. Remember to take a moment to pause and wait for a creative sign to make itself visible to you.