Blogs I read


We speculate in fiction both strange and profound…

We bring the Spec to Speculative… We bring the Weird…

Marie Loughin

Aniko Carmean

Jonathan D. Allen

Paul D. Dail

Penelope Crowe

David Pedersen

People I know (& adore) & talk to on a regular basis

Rachna Chhabria

Rebecca Berto

Judith van Praag

Darcy Conroy

Al Boudreau

Simon C Larter

Bloggers who CoffinHop 

My CoffinHop Crew

Bloggers whose posts I never miss

Roz Morris

Nicky Schmidt

The Creative Penn

KM Weiland

Catherine, Caffeinated

Nathan Bransford

Rachelle Gardner

Word Bitches


Writer Unboxed

Fuel Your Writing

Girlfriends Book Club

Bloggers who give me Thrills, Chills & kills…Mystery, Murder & Mayhem

Toby Neal

David Swinson

International Crime Authors Reality Check


Tess Gerritsen’s Blog

Patricia Cornwell’s Blog

Amanda Stevens – The Graveyard Queen

Crime Watch

Murder is Everywhere

Mystery Writing is Murder


Murder Lab

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