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You have a twitter account and now you want to join in on some chats and socialize in some twitter groups. One of the easiest ways to do this is to download a desktop application for twitter. There are many available but the best ones will streamline your twittering into one application that you can have open on your desktop independent of your internet browser and that way be social while being productive. (Not to mention, you will not need to have 400 browser windows open.) These are the ones I would recommend you download:

Twitter is a great place for people both famous, notorious and anonymous to meet with and connect with. But Twitter is exceptionally effective for writers to network. Writers, by nature, definition and vocation, are loners but every now and again we like to pop our heads our from our created worlds and our wider nests and interacts with other writers: whether this be for commiseration, encouragement, mentorship, brainstorming or just pure “get away” banter from our latest WorksInProgress.

There are a few chats that I love joining in on as regular a basis as possible. So here is the list for them.


  • #LitChat – Mission: Connect book with readers and authors
  • #pblitchat – All things Picture Books.


  • #kidlitchat – All things kid lit including and up to YA.
  • #poettues – All things poetry


  • #litchat
  • #thrillerchat – All things thriller-writing.
  • #YAlitchat – All things YA-writing.


  • #poetry – Poetry: Readers and writers welcome.
  • #Scribechat – Fiction writers networking and chatting.


  • #litchat
  • #scifichat – All things science fiction related in writing.
  • #StoryFriday


  • #UFChat – All things Urban Fantasy Fiction related.


  • #Scriptchat – Screenwriting
  • #Writechat – A chat for writers about writing.

  • #Storycraft – The craft of fiction writing. (Directly after #WriteChat.) I will be hosting this on behalf of Danielle (the creator) so look forward to seeing you all there.

Twitter #Hangouts that I love to frequent: These are twitter groups that don’t necessarily have a weekly chat or topic but they are places where writers and bloggers can hang out and socialize. Here are my favourite twitter haunts that I frequent:

  • #amblogging
  • #amwriting
  • #writersroad
  • #pubwrite

Look forward to tweeting with you in real time…

My Writing Twitter me is: @AuthorKimKoning

My Personal Twitter me is: @last_lines

2 thoughts on “Twitter # Talk

  1. That’s awesome, Kim. Thanks for the run down. Would love to be involved with some of these chats.

    Not to sound completely stupid (I’m still learning how to use Twitter), but how do I get involved. Do you sign up or just jump on Twitter at the right time of day.

    Thanks for your help 🙂

    1. Not a stupid question Mel. 🙂 You don’t have to sign up, just get there at the right time. Glad you found the page helpful. 🙂 See you on twitter chick!

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